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Shower Steamer

Shower Steamer

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Shower Steamers-therapywhile you shower!

Available in:

"Sinus Relief"

Let our Sinus Relief Shower Steamer clear out uncomfortable congestion.

The aromatherapy of eucalyptus essential oil, menthol crystals derived from peppermint oil and minty scent is the key to your relief.

"Wake Me Up"

Boost your morning with the Wake Me Up Shower Steamer!
This fabulous fragrance contains the scent of forest fresh green leaves, lemon zest, and well rounded fruity notes of peaches, apples, and pineapples.
Let this fresh fragrance energize your day! 

Great for showers or with a bowl of warm water next to you to get the full benefit without having to bathe

DETAILS (8) 1-oz mini tablet shower

Pouch is Heat sealed for freshness with a resealable closure.

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